We are Seguridad Biométrica de México.

We offer biometric authentication services to help governments, companies, banks and financial institutions reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft. We do it using face, voice and fingerprint recognition technologies (soon iris recognition) that can be deployed in 24 hours or less.


We enable the use of biometric authentication capabilities in any software or infraestructure without the need of experts in biometric technology. We can integrate different security and biometric technologies in one single solution.



Biometric as a Service Annual subscription plan with an initial amount of users and transactions, additional transactions are billed separately. The biometric authentication software is delivered via the cloud as a service.


Perpetual licensing with annual support policy. The biometric authentication software is installed on the client infrastructure.


Consulting services in the development and implementation of biometric authentication solutions. From the infrastructure design and selection of equipment, to the fine tunning of the system.

Turn key solutions

We provide to our clients a full development service for custom made security solutions. This solutions may involve the integration of different enterprise systems with different biometric and security technologies. We cover the full process of design, selection, integration, implementation and deployment of the components of the solution.

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