The Visitors Control System is a technological tool, based on a client – server architecture, which provides the various stakeholders the information necessary for adequate control of visits to inmates.

The solution has 7 core modules and obey 3 different types of profiles to assist in the process of transparency and control of prison systems: Administrator, Social Work and Custodian.

The types of biometric authentication technologies available are:

• Fingerprint recognition.
• Facial recognition (soon).
• Voice recognition (soon).

The main features of each of the modules are explained:

1. Visitors: In this module all documents and data related to visitors, both adults and minors, are recorded, including the fingerprint scanning and the print of access cards.

a. SRPS consultation: Allows the query from the list of visitors from the Registration System of tried and sentenced.
b. Sanctions to visitors: The system allows the recording of sanctions for both the visitor and the inmate to improve the control of the visits.
c. Special visitors: Allows the registration and control of special visitors such as lawyers, suppliers, religious organizations, etc.

2. Visitor entry: The entry process is done and is recorded through the scanning of the visitor fingerprints.
3. Visitor exit: The exit process is done and is recorded through the scanning of the visitor fingerprints.

Important: The system allows the integration with the physical security system of the penitentiary, automating both the income and the exit of the visitor.

4. Inmates: This module is synchronized with the SRPS for retrieve the inmate information.
5. Inmate sanctions: Allows creation, modification and consultation of inmate sanctions.

6. Reports: This module allows the printing of 6 different reports related to the behavior of both inmates and visitors.

7. Management: Is the module that allows the administration of the system catalogs.

8. System exit: This module allows us to close the session on the system or recover the password of users.

9. Info: Online manual..


• Streamline the process of entry and exit of visitors to the site, by avoiding the need to present identification documents at points of access control.

• Increase business intelligence through the crossing of the information generated by the reports of the system.

• The integration with the SRPS system and the physical security of the facility, allows an integral control that does not require a greater effort of the human resources that manage and operate the penitentiary.

• The correct id of both the visitor and the inmate is assured.

• Real-time display of the list of visitors, through its biometric authentication.

• High levels of security.